4.0 Connected: the first line of 4.0 industrial vacuum cleaners

4.0 Connected: the first line of 4.0 industrial vacuum cleaners
February 24, 2022 ivision_vacuum

iVision Vacuum is proud to present the new 4.0 Connected line, the first range of industrial vacuum cleaners that meet the Industry 4.0 paradigm.

The fourth industrial revolution is finally here: what once seemed like science fiction is now reality. Machine learning, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence are just some of the processes that are being applied to industrial realities around the world to make workflows smarter and more efficient. In fact, the entire Industry 4.0 paradigm aims to use these advanced technologies to automate production processes and make them interconnected through the network.

iVision Vacuum has therefore applied the fundamental aspects of Industry 4.0 to industrial vacuum cleaners, effectively creating the first line of vacuum cleaners fully connected to the production process.

Remote Monitoring 4.0

If until now remote control meant the ability to remotely manage the switching on and off of the vacuum cleaner, now the concept is amplified to the nth power.

To the paradigm of Industry 4.0, our Research & Development Department adds a platform capable of monitoring the operating parameters of the 4.0 Connected vacuum cleaners. The access to this data is allowed through a special reserved area for the customer, which will report in a dashboard with a simple and intuitive interface the data related to the health status of the connected vacuum cleaners.

This system is accessible from anywhere in the world, since it relies on cloud technology that allows the complete remote management of 4.0 vacuum cleaners.

No more machine downtime

The cloud-based management of 4.0 Connected industrial vacuum cleaners makes it possible to anticipate any failures or replacements to be made. In fact, by monitoring the efficiency data of the vacuum cleaner, it is possible to foresee potential malfunctions or extraordinary or ordinary maintenance to be carried out before any machine downtime occurs.

Therefore, by anticipating the problem, the production cycle is stopped only for the time strictly necessary to carry out maintenance, without heavily affecting the company’s production rhythms, as would happen following a breakdown.

Real-time assistance

An additional service that iVision Vacuum has designed for its customers is a completely renewed real-time assistance. In fact, our technicians can connect to the dashboard and check the performance of the vacuum cleaners. In this way, the operator no longer needs to call iVision for ordinary or extraordinary maintenance: iVision itself will alert the customer when it is time to perform a certain action on the vacuum cleaner. Whether it’s changing the filter, replacing the seals or the vent valves, iVision technicians will assess the most appropriate time to maintain high performance levels.

The advantage of this service is twofold: on the one hand, the operator can concentrate on his work almost “forgetting” about the vacuum cleaner; on the other hand, the performance of the vacuum cleaner is always kept at the top, thus avoiding more serious problems that would weigh more heavily on the customer’s pockets.

The bridge between the vacuum cleaner, the operator and iVision is our HMI (Human Machine Interface), which is further enhanced by the network connection. In this way, if the operator needs technical support, he just needs to press a button and he will automatically send a pre-set e-mail with a request for technical assistance on the vacuum cleaner. In this way, you can save time on the long process of requesting assistance, which involves several people, starting from the operator and ending with his manager, who refers it to our technicians.

Cleaner air

Last but not least, the 4.0 Connected vacuum cleaners have a double filtering stage: an additional filtering stage in HEPA class (High Efficiency Particulate Air filter) is added to the main filter of the vacuum cleaner. This HEPA filter is able to intercept even the finest particles of material. This particular high-efficiency filter is used to trap particles of polluting material or material potentially harmful to health. In this way, the air that comes out of the vacuum cleaner is cleaned of any toxic substances, making working environments healthier.

Watch the video and find out how the new 4.0 Connected works!

The iVision Vacuum 4.0 Connected line is this and much more! Contact our sales team to receive a free consultation tailored to your needs.