New EMULSIO: the multipurpose vacuum cleaner for mechanical workshops

New EMULSIO: the multipurpose vacuum cleaner for mechanical workshops
January 25, 2022 ivision_vacuum

iVision Vacuum completely revisits the industrial vacuum cleaners of the EMULSIO line and turns them into the must-have multipurpose vacuum cleaners for the mechanical industry.

The EMULSIO line stems from the need to provide companies in the mechanical sector with an industrial vacuum cleaner that is both powerful, to suction metal scraps mixed with emulsifying oils, and multipurpose, to clean the semi-finished product and the machine tool.

The industrial vacuum cleaners of the EMULSIO line make a clean break with the past, bringing a real revolution in the field of industrial suction for mechanical workshops. Let’s find out why.


In mechanical industries, machine tools process raw material into a semi-finished product. To do this, coolants and emulsifiers are used to cool the tool so that it does not overheat. For example, in turning centers, the tool rotates to carry out the engraving, removing material: the operation of rubbing metal against metal heats the tool, which could be damaged. The coolant makes it possible to complete the chip removal without the machine being damaged or deformed.

Once the machining process is complete, the chip resulting from the production process is deposited in the tanks of the machine tool together with the liquid. At this point, the operator will have to extract the semi-finished product from the machine and clean it from the processing residues, in order to send it on to the production process. To do this, he uses a jet of compressed air, which he directs onto the semi-finished product, cleaning it of both chips and liquids. This operation, however, can be very dangerous, since the chips hit by the air jet can harm the operator’s health. Another problem is the dirt that is created in the workshop, since the air jet spreads the residues throughout the working environment. Last but not least, the machine tool tank must be emptied of the chips and oils collected during the production process.


EMULSIO is specifically designed to overcome all these difficulties: our powerful industrial vacuum cleaner is able to suction both chips and liquids, performing an accurate and deep cleaning of the semi-finished product and of the machinery. In addition, it allows the recovery of emulsifying oils, in order to put them back into the production cycle, and the recycling of chips produced during processing. As a matter of fact, EMULSIO separates the two materials inside the collection container: the solid part is held in a two-stage separation basket, while the liquid residues are deposited on the bottom of the container. The recovery of the suctioned material involves a considerable saving of money, as well as an ecological advantage for the recycling of material.

Another innovation is represented by the automated discharge system of the suctioned liquids. Thanks to a volumetric discharge pump connected to a dispensing gun, the operator can put the collected liquids back into the production cycle in a completely automatic way, without having to empty the vacuum cleaner container manually. In other words, EMULSIO can suction and simultaneously discharge the liquid, putting it back into circulation. The result is a considerable saving of time, no more machine stops and a leaner and faster production.

A further step forward is the possibility to remotely manage the vacuum cleaner through CART. Our R&D team designed this solution ad hoc for a customer company with numerous turning centers, but with extremely limited space. Next to the machine tool on which it is necessary to perform the cleaning and emptying operations, there is not enough space to place an industrial vacuum cleaner. So, our team has developed a device with a small footprint to be placed next to the machinery that allows you to remotely manage the vacuum cleaner, located in another room. CART is equipped with a hook for the suction nozzle that, once unhooked, starts the suction. Once finished, you just have to hang up the nozzle to CART and the vacuum cleaner will turn off automatically.

Watch the video and find out how EMULSIO works!

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