Smart industrial vacuum cleaners: when technology is at the service of the workshop

Smart industrial vacuum cleaners: when technology is at the service of the workshop
July 30, 2021 ivision_vacuum

If in your workshop there are many machines that must work in sync, we have good news for you: you don’t need to wait for the future to imagine a fully connected workshop. Thanks to the powerful technologies developed by our Research and Development office, today iVision Vacuum offers the possibility to equip your industrial vacuum cleaner with cutting-edge technologies able to automate processes and save the operator’s time. In addition, with some iVision technologies, it will be possible to take part in projects dedicated to Industry 4.0 and have access to the resulting tax relief.

Start&Stop remote control

The Start&Stop remote control kit allows the industrial vacuum cleaner to be switched on and off simultaneously with the machine with which it is connected. The vacuum cleaner can be switched on in three different ways:

  1. By a contact without electricity (potential-free contact);
  2. Via a 24 V contact;
  3. Via a 230 V contact.

The advantages of this system are many, starting with the optimization of the operator’s time, who, thanks to this tool, will no longer need to turn the machine on or off in person. Secondly, the use of the vacuum cleaner in conjunction with the use of the machine to which it is connected allows considerable energy savings and a reduction in noise in the workplace.

Touch screen

The iVision Vacuum Touch Screen is a versatile and innovative tool, essential for constantly monitoring the life status of the vacuum cleaner filter. This is made possible by a simple and intuitive LED scale that measures the filter blockage level thanks to a sophisticated sensor system controlled by a highly technological PLC.

In other words, thanks to this tool, it is possible to monitor the effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner in real time. In fact, the Touch Screen will alert the operator whenever it is necessary to clean or change the filter, all without the operator having to worry about manually checking the status of the filter.

Furthermore, through this accessory, the operator is able to manage the remote switching on of the suction system, as well as to start the cleaning of the filter, automatically or manually.

Human Machine Interface

The Human Machine Interface (HMI) is a sophisticated technological system designed for customized vacuum cleaners and complex centralized systems. The primary advantage of this operator interface with touch screen lies in the complete customization of the software, with features and graphics tailored to the aspirator and customer needs.

At an operational level, our HMI takes care of keeping the basic parameters of the vacuum cleaner under control, starting from the level of blockage of the filter up to the performance of the machine itself. The data log function allows to download the operating data of the vacuum cleaner and analyze its performance. In addition, in suction systems with inverters, our HMI manages the degree of power of each suction unit to ensure optimal performance at all times. Finally, it is possible to install HMI away from the vacuum cleaner, in order to manage operations remotely.

These accessories are the result of the combination of technological innovation and all-Italian know-how: our Research and Development office tirelessly studies the most advanced solutions to make our industrial vacuum cleaners even smarter.

Choose an iVision Vacuum industrial vacuum cleaner, choose the best for your company!