Case study: iVision Vacuum industrial suctioning system for the extrusion industry

Case study: iVision Vacuum industrial suctioning system for the extrusion industry
December 14, 2021 ivision_vacuum

In the Florentine area there is a well-known company in the extrusion sector that has been producing mosquito nets for over 40 years. Their story begins in the early 1980s as a family-run business, and then soon turned into an activity that employs more than 250 people.

This company needs to suction large quantities of chips and dust of various materials: the mosquito net is in fact composed mainly of aluminum and fiberglass. Once completed, it is then installed on frames made of aluminum or PVC profiles, which are cut to the size of the final product.

The beginning of the collaboration with iVision Vacuum

Initially, this company contacted iVision Vacuum to replace an old vacuum cleaner on a cross-cut saw. “As our work increased, we began working in shifts – this results in massive production of chips and scrap, which we needed to remove as efficiently as possible,” says the Production Manager.

Our engineers carefully studied the application and offered them a custom solution from our Extrusion line, perfectly matched to their cross-cut saws and machining centers. “After trying our first iVision Vacuum cleaner, we never looked back. Actually, we decided to replace all of our old vacuum cleaners with products from iVision Vacuum’s Extrusion line,” says the Production Manager.

From one to several vacuum cleaners

“We realized that thanks to the iVision Vacuum cleaner, the quality of our product was improving exponentially: that is why we decided to replace all our old vacuum cleaners,” the Production Manager tells us. “We asked iVision Vacuum’s technicians to make an inspection at our production departments to study the best solution for our needs.”

The inspection at the customer’s site is a fundamental moment for the experts of iVision Vacuum in order to carry out all the necessary surveys for the design of an effective suctioning system. In particular, our technicians take note of the layout of the production plants, the types of machine tools, the material to be suctioned and the diameters of the suction nozzles. In this way, we can then offer a personalized solution according to each machinery and to the different suction needs.

Therefore, iVision Vacuum supplied the vacuum cleaners for all the machines of this company, which are divided into 5 production plants. These industrial vacuum cleaners are specially designed for their cutting and processing machines and are configured to suction different types of material, namely aluminum, PVC and fiberglass. In addition, we have equipped our vacuum cleaners with additional filtration systems to further minimize the risk of particle leakage into the work environment, with particular attention to fine fiberglass dust which, if inhaled, is harmful to the operator’s health.

Efficient suction, improved quality

“We are really satisfied with the collaboration with iVision Vacuum, not only because a good suction guarantees a clean working environment, free from potentially toxic dust, but also and above all because we have noticed a remarkable leap in the quality of our products” says the Production Manager. In fact, during the working process, the machine tool produces a very high percentage of chips, which are deposited on the frame profile, risking to scratch it and therefore to ruin it. The industrial vacuum cleaners of the Extrusion line are able to capture most of the particles and waste from the processing, thus ensuring better quality of the finished product.

“Thanks to the improvement in the quality of our products, we noticed an exponential growth of our company. For this reason, we are planning the construction of a new plant, which we will definitely equip with iVision Vacuum cleaners” the Production Manager tells us with satisfaction. “Moreover, we are considering the upgrade of all our vacuum cleaners to the 4.0 line, in order to project ourselves further into the future of Industry 4.0“.

Are you a company in the extrusion industry? Do you see yourself in the description of the suction needs of this company? Contact us for a free quote: together we will build the solution that best suits your needs!