Vacuum cleaner for cleaning and recovery of metal shavings and oils

Vacuum cleaner for cleaning and recovery of metal shavings and oils
April 21, 2023 ivision_vacuum

EMULSIO is the vacuum cleaner designed by iVision Vacuum to ensure maximum efficiency of machine tools within machine shops. It meets the needs of cleaning and recovery of scrap metal shavings and oils.

The vacuum system separates the simultaneously collected liquid and solid materials produced during the mechanical processing. These include: metal shavings, oil and lubricant.

EMULSIO, therefore, has a vital function for the mechanical industry, as it enables the proper and efficient cleaning of machines and also a recycling of filtered and purified oils and emulsifiers, in this way they can be reused in production cycles.

Suction needs of machine shops

The waste produced during the mechanical processing is mixed together, shaping a waste that is composed of both liquid and solid materials. In addition to the need for deep vacuuming of the dirt that is created, we also find the need for machine shops to recover these materials and put them back into the production cycle. This makes it possible to protect the health of workers and prevent damage to machinery.

Many damages can occur on the efficiency of machinery, when:

Dust and debris accumulate

The accumulation of dust and debris on machinery can affect the accuracy of machining or the life of tools.

Moving parts become obstructed

Dust and dirt can clog the moving parts of machinery, preventing proper operation and causing some parts to wear out prematurely.

Corrosion process begins

Depending on the characteristics of the oils and emulsifiers used, these can expose machinery to chemicals or moisture, promoting the corrosion of the equipment.

When one or more of these situations listed above should arise, the resulting consequences are:

  • Production delays, which may affect product delivery and customer’s satisfaction;
  • Increased costs, which may result from repairing or even replacing damaged machinery;
  • Reduced efficiency, broken or out-of-service machinery reduces the efficiency of the machine shop, causing damage to product quality and company profitability.

To minimize this damage, it is important to perform proper machinery maintenance using EMULSIO, the multipurpose vacuum cleaner designed for the cleaning of machine shops.

Thanks to EMULSIO, machine tool failures can be prevented, ensuring more efficient operations and less chance of damage for product quality and company profitability.

It is a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner designed for cleaning machine shops. A powerful device that, thanks to its cleaning kits, is able to reach even the smallest debris, ensuring complete cleaning of machines and machined parts.

The advantages for a machine shop

Using the EMULSIO professional vacuum cleaner within a machine shop can offer many advantages:

Workers’health protection

Thanks to EMULSIO it is possible to remove metal shavings and emulsified oils produced during work steps, as a consequence you can minimize operators’health risks.

Recycling of processing waste

With EMULSIO it is possible to recover both emulsified oils and chips produced during processing, feeding them back into the production cycle.

Increased suction efficiency

By choosing EMULSIO, which is an industrial vacuum cleaner, large amounts of dust and other materials can be vacuumed quickly and efficiently, ensuring a clean working environment and keeping machinery safe. This is not possible with any vacuum cleaner, where it would require manual operator intervention to finish the cleaning.

Reduction of maintenance costs

Regular removal of metal scraps and other materials from machine shop equipment through the use of a professional vacuum cleaner can help to reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of machinery.

Improving the quality of work

Greater cleanliness in the work environment can improve the quality of work and accuracy of processing, helping to better meet customer needs.

EMULSIO features

The vacuum cleaners of the EMULSIO line, in their full-optional version, are equipped with:

Dual chip separator

The EMULSIO vacuum cleaner has an innovative filter system that ensures effective separation of emulsions from metal scraps.

It is able to vacuum solids and liquids together: the solid part is retained in a separation basket equipped with a double filter stage, this allows to prevent impurities from entering the liquid part. The filtration system is capable of retaining even the smallest metal particles, ensuring thorough cleaning and efficient shavings recovery. Instead, the filtered and purified liquid, settles on the bottom of the collection bin.

The advantage is that the solid part can be recycled and disposed of, while the liquid part can be fed back into the production cycle then into the machine tool to accomplish the same process. This provides both cost savings and a reduction in maintenance and downtime.

Dispensing gun for automatic discharge

With EMULSIO, the operator has not to empty the liquid part manually, because the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a dispensing gun, which, thanks to a volumetric discharge pump, allows the liquid accumulated inside the collection bin during suction to be expelled.

It is a self-contained pump, thus independent of suction: the operator can either suck up shavings and liquid parts or discharge. While EMULSIO is running to vacuum swarf and oil, the liquid material can already be fed back into the circulation. In addition, it is equipped with a latest generation filter to intercept even oil sprays and oil mists.

Ergonomic storage compartment

The EMULSIO professional vacuum cleaner for machine shops is also equipped with a storage compartment whose function is to facilitate cleaning operations. It can be used to rest accessories designed for cleaning individual pieces.

It is an innovative solution that offers great versatility, the effective suction solution for all machine shops. To find out all the technical features click here.