iVision Vacuum PCB line: industrial vacuum cleaners for the PCB world

iVision Vacuum PCB line: industrial vacuum cleaners for the PCB world
May 19, 2022 ivision_vacuum

In the field of circuit board processing, great precision and cleanliness of machines and working tools are required. In particular, if processing residues accumulate on electronic boards and are not promptly collected, they can scratch and ruin the boards, thus compromising their quality and functionality.

Thanks to numerous tests and its experience in the field, iVision Vacuum developed an entire line dedicated to the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) world, which could meet this and other needs of companies operating in this sector.

Mechanical characteristics

Experts from iVision Vacuum R&D department designed industrial vacuum systems that could meet the needs of every operator. The solutions range from single vacuum cleaner for single or multi spindle machines to centralized systems that can cover multiple multi spindle machines.

These vacuum cleaners are extremely efficient especially in terms of filtration: the micro-processing carried out by machine tools produces very fine waste, with particles sizes of a few microns. This is why high efficiency of the filtration systems, which take advantage of the inertial function of the cyclonic prefilter, is necessary.

To maintain high the performance of the filtration systems, our PCB line vacuum cleaners mount a differential pressure switch, which allows real-time verification of the filter status and signals any damage.

Electronic characteristics

PCB line vacuum cleaners possess some of the most advanced electronic equipment in the industry. In fact, it is possible to equip them with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), which is a device through which the vacuum cleaner can be programmed for machining.

The PLC is useful in systems where the vacuum cleaner is connected to multiple machine tools. Through the installation of a frequency inverter, you can set the parameters to modulate the vacuum cleaner according on the energy requirements of the machines. In fact, if only two out of three machines are in operation, the vacuum cleaner is able to modulate its power as needed, in this case by lowering it. Other way round, if all the machine tools are in operation, the vacuum cleaner will use 100 percent of its power, adjusting its performance and frequency (Hz) to the needs of the other machines.

This particular function results in a twofold advantage: on the one hand, the reduction of the vacuum cleaner’s power leads to economic savings on electricity costs, while, on the other hand, the energy-saving mode results in a reduced environmental impact with a view to eco-sustainability.

Additional Technology

To this already technologically advanced equipment, you can add our Human Machine Interface (HMI), to make your vacuum cleaner even more advanced and easy to manage. Through this practical user interface, you can monitor the various parameters that indicate the operating status of the vacuum cleaner in real time.

Through our HMI, it is also possible to record any anomalies of the machine tool to which the vacuum cleaner is connected. In particular, these machines change tools several times during machining. During this process, the machine informs the aspirator of the tool change by inhibiting suction so as not to suction the tools during the change. If any malfunction occur during this or other automated mechanisms in the communication between the machine and the vacuum cleaner, the HMI would report the anomaly to the operator, through a collection of data that can also be consulted remotely.

Another advantage derived from the installation of the HMI is precisely the remote management of the vacuum cleaner. In fact, it is possible to place the vacuum cleaner away from the machine tool to which it is connected. By placing the HMI next to the machine tool, the operator will be able to manage both from a single location, without necessarily moving to reach the vacuum cleaner. This results in time optimization, better space management, and a significant reduction in noise in the workshop.

If your company works in the field of printed circuit boards, book a free consultation with our experts! Together we will find the most appropriate solution for your needs!