Why you should choose a centralised industrial vacuum system

Why you should choose a centralised industrial vacuum system
August 8, 2023 ivision_vacuum

The use of a centralised industrial vacuum cleaner system is an effective solution for removing shavings, dust, fumes, vapors and other pollutants present within a work environment. In contrast to portable or decentralised vacuum cleaners, this centralised vacuum system is characterized by a network of fixed piping connected to several workstations, which convey the sucked air and materials to a central unit.

The operation of the vacuum system is simple: a powerful central vacuum cleaner, located in a dedicated area, creates a flow of air within the piping. This flow carries polluting, or waste, particles to the main container or a filtration system, where they are retained and separated from clean air.

The advantages of a centralised vacuum system

For companies and large production areas, it may be complicated to reach and properly vacuum the waste produced in every corner of the company. Precisely to overcome this challenge, the use of a centralised vacuum system proves particularly advantages, we examine some of them below:

  • Increased safety for the work environment

The installation of a centralised vacuum system is the ideal solution to ensure high standards of cleanliness and safety within the company. Centralised vacuum systems can help the company and its operators to maintain a safe working environment by removing potentially toxic substances that can cause lung problems or combustible dust that threatens the integrity of the entire production area.

  • Customization of the vacuum system according to the work area

The design of a centralised vacuum system can be tailored to the specific needs of the company, such as the size of the work area, the type of pollutants to be vacuumed, and the environmental safety regulations to be met.

Tailored customization allows for effective vacuuming and the ability to maintain a safe working environment. In addition, with this centralised solution, space can be saved as there is no need to place vacuum cleaners at each individual workstation, allowing a more rational use of available space.

  • Simultaneous suction from multiple points through a single suction unit and a single container

A centralised vacuum system consists of a single vacuum unit equipped with a single filter and a single container. This configuration allows simultaneous vacuuming from several locations, being particularly advantageous in large production areas or when several areas need to be cleaned at the same time. Thanks to this optimization, operators can activate suction from several locations simultaneously, ensuring more convenient and effective cleaning.

A centralised industrial vacuum system is an advantageous choice for many companies wishing to improve their production operations, reducing operator exposure to hazards and promoting sustainable resource management. Their effectiveness in treating dust and airborne pollutants makes them an indispensable solution for industrial and commercial environments engaged in production processes that require efficient and reliable extraction.

The support of iVision Vacuum experts

By choosing iVision Vacuum, you will have a team of experts at your disposal to help you at all stages, from assessing your specific needs to designing and installing your centralised vacuum system. With our dedicated support, you will have a tailored system to your business needs, with optimal performance and outstanding results.

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