Industrial vacuum cleaners for dental industry and zirconia processing

Industrial vacuum cleaners for dental industry and zirconia processing
February 21, 2023 ivision_vacuum
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The dental technology industry deals with the processing of specific materials, such as zirconium, for the construction of dentures or other orthodontic appliances custom-made. In this industry it is essential to keep cleaned and hygienized the working environment and the machinery; in order to reach the success of the final product, but also the safety of the working environment and prevent workers’health.

What is zirconium and the reason why it is used in dental industry

Zirconium is a highly biocompatible and durable ceramic material used in the dental industry as a metal substitute for making crowns, bridges, inlays and dentures. It is highly resistant to wear, fracture and degradation, making it a durable and reliable solution for dental restorations.

How do you obtain zirconium for the dental industry?

Zirconium for the dental industry is obtained through a sintering process, which involves firing purified zirconium powders and additives at high temperature to improve mechanical and biocompatibility properties. Then, the material is ground and shaped into the desired forms and subjected to further heat treatment to increase its hardness and wear resistance. Finally, the material is polished and colored to match the color of the surrounding teeth.

The importance of hygiene during the processing of zirconium in the dental industry

Hygiene is extremely important during the processing of zirconia in the dental industry, because the contamination of the material with bacteria or other external agents can compromise the biocompatibility and the safety of the final product. It is essential that the manufacturing process takes place in a sterilized environment and that all necessary hygienic measures are taken, such as the use of gloves and masks, regular cleaning of instruments, disinfection of work surfaces, and suction of materials that are harmful to the safety of the work environment and the health of the operators. In addition, it is important that the final product is packaged and stored properly to prevent contamination during transport and storage.

Health risks associated to zirconium oxide processing

Zirconium oxide processing can present some risks, especially for the health of operators:

  • Dust inhalation

The process of this element can generate zirconium dust that can be dangerous if inhaled. Actually, zirconium dust can irritate the respiratory tract and cause long-term health problems, such as asthma or pulmonary fibrosis. It is essential, during processing steps, to adequately and consistently vacuum the dust produced.

  • Skin contact

The contact of zirconium with the skin can cause irritation or allergies; it is important to wear protective gloves when working with this material in order to prevent skin contact.

  • Exposure to toxic materials

Processing zirconium also involves the use of some toxic materials, such as solvents or abrasives, which can be dangerous if not handled properly.

To prevent these risks, it is necessary that the work environment is well ventilated and that all necessary hygiene measures are taken, such as the use of protective gloves and masks, regular cleaning of tools, and disinfection of work surfaces. In addition, it is important to regularly monitor air quality and take measures to prevent dust inhalation using industrial vacuum cleaners.

The role of the industrial vacuum cleaner in zirconium processing

An industrial vacuum cleaner plays an essential role in zirconium processing, as it helps to keep the work environment clean and dust-free. Zirconium processing can generate a significant amount of zirconia dust that, if inhaled or if it comes in contact with the skin, can be dangerous for worker’s health. An industrial vacuum cleaner can be used for the suction of dust at the source of the processing phase, reducing the risk of contamination and improving air quality in the work environment. In addition, the use of an industrial vacuum cleaner can improve the efficiency of the machining process, as work surfaces and tools remain clean and dust-free.

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