iVision Vacuum thinks about the future: what features will the vacuum cleaners of tomorrow have?

iVision Vacuum thinks about the future: what features will the vacuum cleaners of tomorrow have?
May 26, 2021 ivision_vacuum

Vacuum cleaners of the future, new jobs and futuristic technologies: today on our blog we talk about all this with our CEO.

Our CEO Andrea Alessandrini has many years of entrepreneurial experience. Today, he explains his vision of what the vacuum cleaners of the future will be and what features and innovations they will bring to the workshops and manufacturing plants.


“What do you mean by  «vacuum cleaners of the future»?

By vacuum cleaners of the future, we mean a type of industrial vacuum cleaner capable of listening to customers and their respective sectors, reflecting every single need in terms of performance and maintenance. As an example, with an iVision vacuum cleaner it is possible to remotely manage the various functions anywhere in the world, sending a message to the operator and informing him of health status of the vacuum cleaner. The operator will no longer have to worry about maintenance schedules: in fact, the machinery itself will notify him when there are operations to be carried out. In this context, the task of the vacuum cleaner will be to foresee potential problems and make our customer feel safe and calm during the production process. In addition, the market for “custom” vacuum cleaners, i.e. those with specific features to support the operator, will become more and more popular. Therefore, it will no longer be the customer who has to adapt to the products on the market, but rather the opposite.


Design and functionality: how are these features combined in the iVision vacuum cleaners of the future? Do you think these elements will appeal to users of the future?

The vacuum cleaner of the future will boast a combination of design and functionality, highlighting an aspect that was not considered by users in the past. Up until now, design has not been a major feature of industrial vacuum cleaners: the vacuum cleaner must suction and not be a design object. However, for some time now, companies have increasingly started to open the doors of their production departments to their customers. Hence, the workshops themselves become an object of communication. In fact, companies show how they produce their products and how they manage the working environment, keeping it clean and healthy. In this context, the vacuum cleaner can no longer be an object with a mere function, but must fit in with the design of the machinery already present in the workshop, standing out for its aesthetics and style.


“To achieve these results, what figures does your R&D center involve?”

The iVision Srl Research and Development center, currently within the innovative startup iVision Evolution Srl, attributes a fundamental role to transversal figures, with many experiences in various sectors. Automotive, automatic machines, electronic engineering: our R&D department applies the skills acquired in these areas in the industrial vacuum sector. It is thanks to these educational backgrounds that the technologies in the vacuum cleaners have evolved: from the simple “ON/OFF” button, now the vacuum cleaner can be managed by a PLC with an interface that controls the performance and the status of filter, motor and mechanical parts. The strength of iVision lies in the application of technologies born in other sectors to the world of industrial vacuuming, to make these objects intelligent and multifunctional.


According to your vision, will it be increasingly important for companies to equip themselves with a vacuum cleaner in the future? Why?”


Thinking about the future means thinking about the healthiness of the workplace, to safeguard the operators and their health. Keeping the production department clean and tidy is also fundamental for the quality of the production itself, since a product made in a clean environment is of much higher quality. A company that defines itself as modern must be aligned with market needs and, as required by the State, cannot do without cleaning to make the workshop healthier and the operator safer from the risk of inhaling fumes or toxic and harmful substances. In the future, in fact, there will be more and more government incentives for companies that comply with the safety requirements necessary to protect the working environment.

From this perspective, iVision GROUP is ready to meet the challenges of the future with cutting-edge and technologically advanced products. Our aim is to involve companies in our vision, taking them by the hand and accompanying them on the road to the future.

And you, do you want to walk this path with us?